Psychotherapy and Counselling

In therapy it is very important that you can express yourself in an easy way. That is the reason why I offer counselling and psychotherapy services in your own language.

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How can therapy help you?

Psychotherapy for Adults

Do you feel stressed over work datelines and excessive demands? Do you feel unmotivated or hopeless lately? Psychotherapy will help you to understand and overcome the emotional discomfort you might be feeling now.

Work Stress

Anxiety and Phobias


Obsessions and Compulsions

Couple Counselling

  In nowadays society balance between work and personal life seems to be an obstacle race. Fatigue and overwork, lack of communication with our partner, and everyday routine can make the quality of the relationship diminish. This draining situation leads to feeling of hopelessness over the situation. Crisis in couples are partly motivated by the dynamic they have with each other.


Psychotherapy for Children

Children might experience learning problems and school failure, low self-esteem, fears and anxiety. Psychotherapy is a way for the whole family to understand and help the child to overcome the situation that is affecting them.

School failure

Stress and Anxiety

Childhood Sadness and Depression

Psychotherapy for Adolescents

Adolescence is a stage of change and formation of one’s personal and social identity. That is why in adolescents the reasons for consultation are usually related to relationship problems, school failure, feeding or addiction.
As a teenager it is difficult to communicate emotionally with the family. As parents it is difficult to help or understand what the adolescent feels emotionally. Going to the psychologist is a way to open a space of communication and understanding between both parties. It is important that the adolescent has a space to feel emotionally heard, in order to improve their way of communicating, and to face their difficulties.

Stress and Anxiety


Eating disorders




Specialized Psychology Center

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Reasons to choose Diana Faon Psychotherapy

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Diana Faón Psychotherapy and counselling is a safe and welcoming space to feel listened to. The first sessions I will listen to you to get to know you better and understand your story . Thus I will be able to individualize therapy as much as possible. The treatment will be centered in the main focus, and we will be able to go further into other topics as the sessions progress.

I am a Licensed Psychologist, Cum Laude in Psychology by the American University of Paris.  I also hold a Master in Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and a Master in Behavioral Therapy.

I am Psychologist expert in Psychotherapy, (Madrid collegiate number M-27367). I do have extensive experience in clinical psychology centers. Moreover, I am a member of the Madrid Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (AMPP)


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