Seven questions to Find Out if you have «Common Sense»

Video: 7 Questions to find out how much «Common Sense» you have

¿What is Common Sense?

According to Cambridge Dictionary common Sense is «the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way»


Aristotle was the first person to describe this nebulous subject, believing all animals – including humans – to be able to process external stimuli, understand memories, and perceive imaginary constructs. It has developed quite significantly from this already abstract, ancient point of origin, with notions like morality and scientific certainty embellishing the original concept.

However, Common Sense turns out to be not that common. If you like to find out how much common sense you have, you can try to answer the seven questions in this video.

Video: 7 Questions to find out how much «Common Sense» you have

Essentially common sense would be the ability to connect ot pieces of information in a way that provides a use for or concrete meaning to a person.  If do find the questions in the video a little tricky, perhaps you should take solace in the opinion of the great writer Voltaire, who once noted that “common sense is not so common.